Sunday, December 2, 2012

First of many.

these guys were SO drunk! Amazinggg...

sorry dale!

This guy comes in off the street.. "I need water for my turtle" the bar dude starts filling it with caps full from a water bottle. "no i need more water for my turtle". Hilarious! Because everyone goes walking down the street with your pet turtle.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Eagle and fishing.

 Beautiful clear water! TIME TO GET MY SNORKELING ON :)

 Eagle nest.

 Shit rock

 Some sort of meaning was carved into this rock, but I have no idea what!

 'oh no, I lost my fish!'

 I wish I could get a straight horizon.

Afternoon fishing spot. I got plenty of nibbles but every time I got something big it was a shark and they are way to strong to pull up, they end up just snapping your line and swimming away with your bait. After about 45 minutes here we called it quits. No fish to be caught. DANG!

Smokin' hot burnt babe

 Someones a little burnt!

Cool sunnies dale!

More fishing

 She sure can catch big fish for such a tiny lady!

Dale and I spent another weekend on the boat with my parentals. There isn't much else to do but go fishing and sunbake and drink beer, so we tagged along with my parents and watched the experts fish! I ended up having a go in the afternoon and was the only one who caught fish! They were both tiny so we through them away.. Poor little guys but it was definitely fun!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dugong Party.

 Probably the drunkest man alive!

 Adam Bloom.


 & Alex

 Best steeze evaa

 Who needs chairs when you have a table!

Buffalo Dale

 Sexy Susi

 goodbye susi and alex :(

 Yes, Cori!

 Lighter cocktail... perrffeeccttt

If you wear the hat, you must scull (unless you are me and you refuse).

 Oh the love

 Hat party

 'I drank them allll'.

The end